30 lat witalności

The New Nordic Story

Healthy and happy people inspired the foundation of New Nordic. Back in the 1980’s Karl Kristian Bergman Jensen was an international salesman in a Danish health care company. As he travelled around the world selling natural plant products he was inspired to devote his life to develop herbal medicines and food supplements. ”I saw how people of different cultures improved their daily quality of life by adding herbs and fruits to their diet. Particularly the happiness I saw from visiting people in the Far East triggered my passion for herbal products. My dream was to establish a company that could develop herbal products, adding vitality and years to people’s lives. Products so effective that it would change people’s lives and contribute to the world by advancing the health of humankind.”

At the age of 27 and completely determined to follow his passion, Karl Kristian established New Nordic in October, 1990. After a busy period of research, search for herbal suppliers and Nordic manufacturers Karl Kristian opened the first office in 1991 in the ”Latin Quarters” of Copenhagen. From this typical Danish town house the first herbal food supplements were introduced into Danish health stores and the Matas drugstore chain. Soon after, in 1992 the natural heartburn remedy Frutin® was registered as a natural medicine and introduced to the market. 1992 was also the year when Marinus Blaabjerg joined the company as equal owner and that was the start of a long-term friendship and business venture. Within a few years Frutin was on the shelves of pharmacies and health food stores in Australia, Canada, USA and all Nordic countries. The company grew more than 50% each year for 16 years. Marinus and Karl Kristian focused continuously on the fantastic vitality properties of herbs. They travelled the world to source herbs and to sell finished herbal products, produced in Denmark and Sweden.

Year after year, the company added subsidiaries established abroad. In 2007 it was time to strengthen the financial position of the company to continue the international expansion. The company was consolidated in Malmö and shortly after listed on the NASDAQ Firth North stock exchange in Stockholm, Sweden. With the stock exchange listing New Nordic could start their international expansion. Offices were opened in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Holland, Turkey, Poland, Mexico and Russia. All within 18 months.

The expansion went too fast and New Nordic faced some financial challenges. The economic crisis added to this, but Marinus and Karl Kristian as well as the many dedicated employees solved the issues. After a few years at a low pace, the international expansion continued from 2012. Innovation, quality and marketing has always been the main focus, and even today Marinus and Karl Kristian continue to travel the world finding new herbs and ingredients, and to visit customers from China in the east to USA in the west.

New Nordic today has many valued products. Several of them are the market leaders with international presence. In the recent years the company has paved the way within “Beauty from within” products – a sector in strong growth. Marinus’ and Karl Kristians goals are that New Nordic shall keep focusing on developing and producing efficient herbal products. The company still runs as a family based business today despite the fact that most employees are based around the world. Something which most of the New Nordic employees see as an asset for the company’s drive and understanding.

30 lat witalności  

Od 1990 roku firma New Nordic opracowuje innowacyjne suplementy diety wzmacniające witalność i
pozwalające  zminimalizować  problemy zdrowotne związane z wiekiem.  Innowacyjne formuły roślinne zawarte w naszych suplementach wspierają witalność organizmu. Sekret naszych receptur polega na dostarczaniu odpowiednich składników odżywczych komórkom naszego ciała
i pobudzaniu ich do prawidłowego działania.

Oryginalny szwedzki suplement Blue Berry Plus wspierający wzrok i pomagający dbać o oczy stał się powszechnie znanym, stosowanym w codziennej suplementacji produktem dla osób w każdym wieku. Takie produkty jak Zuccarin, Tone czy Hair Volume są doceniane przez konsumentów oraz farmaceutów. Opakowania naszych produktów są sygnowane przez logo firmy ze srebrnym drzewkiem. Każdego dnia, wzrasta liczba zadowolonych osób, doświadczających korzyści ze stosowania suplementów skandynawskiej firmy New Nordic.

Miliony klientów w ponad 30 krajach na całym świecie korzysta z naszych suplementów stosując je codziennie. Zachowaj radość i witalność na wiele lat. Pozwól, żeby New Nordic wskazał ci sposób na zdrowsze życie.